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Dive into this deep-sea Metroidvania where you face off against underwater mutants!


Dive through four hundred years of technological advancements into the underwater city of Royla, where humanity once found a new home.
That is until this future Atlantis was beset by fierce monsters mutated by toxic marine waste.
Take on this unprecedented threat as the sea guardian Pronty, and fight alongside your javelin partner Bront to take down the mutants, discover the truth behind the creatures' sudden invasion, and uncover the secrets behind Pronty's origins.


Unique “javelin” combat system
Control the inexperienced Pronty and Bront the Javelin, a weaponized robotic swordfish that can fend off the sea creatures corrupted by toxic waste. Use Bront to repel enemies, remove obstacles, and shield Pronty from harm.
A terrifying array of hostile and mutated sea life
Encounter all sorts of creatures formed from a ghastly fusion of sea critters and marine debris. While some might look easy to defeat, there’s always a bigger fish…Fight giant bosses to bring back hope to the once-thriving Royla and reveal the truth behind the monsters and pollution.
Swappable upgrades for customized combat
Unlock new abilities and upgrades in Pronty’s Memory Board to put together strategies that work for every situation and play style.
Explore this magnificent but perilous underwater city
Explore the fallen underwater city, Royla, in an underwater Metroidvania experience.
In addition to Switch version limited skins, multi-ending and replay elements are also enhanced!
Pronty features an exclusive to Switch New Skin, plus there are other costumes to win by defeating set parameters such as clearing Neptune Hall and unlocking a hidden ending.Replay to your hearts content in the boss rush mode located in Neptune’s Hall and change the difficulty settings to suit your skill level.


Release dateMarch 7, 2023

ModelsNintendo Switch™(DL)
languageEnglish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russia, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Arabic
Genre2D action adventure